Custom made and delivered within 10 days. Delivered to you for $10.


Our sizes are consistent with Australian sizes to the leading edgeof the ring and are expressed as a letter of the alphabet.

The ring should slide over your finger with minimal force and sit comfortably at the base of your finger. The ring should not be loose enough to fall off or feel constrictive. It should comfortably resist the finger as you take it off.

Measuring your size yourself can be tricky. We do not recommend measuring your finger with string or strips of paper as they can be inaccurate. A jewellery store would be able to measure your finger size. For an accurate reading, the ring sizer should be roughly the same width as the ring you are considering. Make sure the measurement you are given is to the leading edge.

Alternatively, you can request a free ring sizer by sending us an email. Instructions are included with the sizer.


Have you found the ring of your dreams but cannot see that design on our website? While we try to list the most popular designs, we can manufacture any design to order. Please email us (hyperlink to to receive a quotation. Please include the following information:

  • • Carat gold/platinum
  • • Finger size (to the leading edge)
  • • Width
  • • A rough drawing or image of the ring.
  • • Any special requirements such as matte finishes or different colour golds.

If we require any more information, we will contact you. Otherwise, we will send you a quotation for a boutique quality ring at a wholesale price.


If you are considering having or already have an existing diamond ring or a very sentimental wedding ring, then the utility wedding ring is the ring for you! Think of it as a second, less valuable wedding ring that you can wear without the worry of damaging or losing your diamond or sentimental wedding ring. Be it while going on holiday, swimming at the beach or doing manual work, a ring from Australian Wedding Rings will give you the peace of mind you need to wear your wedding ring with confidence.


Australian Wedding Rings can be the ideal gift for parents or grandparents to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. Perhaps their original wedding rings have worn down with time or have been lost. A brand new set of classic wedding rings is a beautiful way of renewing and celebrating all those years together.

If you are planning to celebrate the love you have for one another through a commitment ceremony, Australian Wedding Rings would be proud to be part of the celebration. Our stylish, practical designs will show the world that you have found ‘the One’.

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